Family Law - Divorce

The choice of the right solicitor is of paramount importance in any legal dispute but is particularly crucial in a family situation. The solicitor acting for you will have a fundamental impact on how the various issues affecting your future will be resolved. Below, we highlight some of the important elements of the service provided by Barrow & Cook to help you make the right decision.


Your case will be dealt with by a fully qualified Solicitor throughout

Independently Assessed

After 5 years a solicitor may undergo further assessment by the Law Society to obtain independent recognition of their skills. All our family solicitors are members of the Advanced Family Law Panel or Children Panel.


Once you have appointed your solicitor he or she will deal with your case on your behalf throughout the entire process. Barrow & Cook are able to offer a high level of continuity because all of our family solicitors have been with is for several years.

Complex Cases

Your case is unique. However, our experience provides the ability to deal with even the most challenging of cases. Should additional professional support be appropriate we have close links with other leading experts such as barristers, accountants and doctors.

Our Approach

We never lose sight of the human aspect of our work. We seek to minimise conflict within your relationship but if a firm robust approach is required then this will be rigorously applied. If necessary, the full weight of the law will be used to bring about a positive outcome for you.


Our offices are conveniently situated in St Helens town centre, in Victoria Square opposite the Town Hall.


We strive to be as flexible as possible whether in relation to appointment times or payment terms (often interest free) in respect of your legal costs.

For a confidential discussion with one of our family experts please contact us and request a family appointment.