Powers of Attorney


You may take for granted the ability to look after all of your financial affairs. What if you were unable to do so through accident, illness or loss of mental capacity ? Your next of kin does not necessarily have a legal ability to assist. A lasting power of attorney directing financial organisations (property transactions) to deal with your attorney (nominated trusted representative of yours) will ensure the smooth running of your affairs in these circumstances.

It is imperative that you are 100% confident in the trustworthiness and competence of your nominated attorney as your attorney will have access to all of those financial affairs that you permit within the LPA them access to.

Should you wish to plan for a time ahead when you may not be able to manage your own financial affairs we can assist you in the production and registration of a lasting power of attorney (LPA). We are specialists in this area.

Additionally, you may wish to appoint an attorney to assist you in matters relating to your health and welfare through a health and welfare lasting power of attorney. We can again guide you through the application process.

Normally there are two meetings. Instruction taking appointment which normally takes approx 45 minutes followed by a signing appointment (your attorney also needs to attend but will be interviewed separately) which normally takes approx 30 minutes.

These appointments are normally two weeks apart.

Please note that an LPA can not be used unless registered. The registration process takes approx 12 weeks.

Should at any time you wish to cancel your attorneyship after registration it will be necessary to contact the Office of the Public Guardian. Once more, it is essential that you feel confident about the person you appoint.

Should you wish your attorney to have the power to assist you with your health and welfare a separate application and LPA will be required for this purpose. Again, we can assist you with this application. This application will attract further court fees and we will be able to provide a quote for the additional costs involved. A health and welfare LPA also gives the donor an ability to provide the attorney with the power to direct doctors not to resuscitate in certain circumstances.

To make an appointment to discuss the production of a lasting power of attorney contact Andrew Cropper